Daily grounding and personal growth for the modern woman of faith


Do you wish you could:

Stay grounded in faith, finding peace in all the worry and rest in the busy?

well, Meet Addison.

But you’re so busy and tired.
Where’s the time?
Who can read all the books and keep up with it all?

Be intentional about growing into the person you most want to be?

Stay awake to the needs of the world and engage in it in a meaningful way?

Meet Addison

The Addison mobile app greets you daily with a bite-sized audio nugget to anchor your day and teach you something new.

When you want to stay grounded and growing but life is just so hectic, the Addison App delivers a 5-minute dose of audio each day for the modern woman of faith.  

The Addison App is for the woman who wants to prioritize spiritual and emotional health while also staying awake to the world around her -- but she’s just so busy.

Think of Addison as the faithful friend that reminds you of truth and helps you stay grounded while challenging you with new ideas that expand your worldview.

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Based on the concept of micro-habits, the app provides a 5-minute audio excerpt daily to keep you anchored and learning from experts in a way that fits your busy lifestyle.


It's personal growth,

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In just 5 minutes a day, you can be intentional about growing into the person you most want to be.  

Listen while you get ready in the morning or cook a meal. 

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